Antonio De Toledo ESPAÑA 1A classical Expand

Antonio De Toledo ESPAÑA 1A classical



This beautiful guitar evokes the sound and ease of play of the best Spanish guitars from the thirties to sixties. Just like the other España 1 A models this instrument's "plantilla" is based on a 1934 Domingo Esteso guitar. Its response is rich in effortless dynamics and colour variations and much easier to play than any modern classical guitar. Its soundboard is made of best quality Canadian ceder, back and sides are Madagascar rosewood, its comfortable neck is of Hondurian ceder and the fretboard is made of fine quality ebony. Its finish is French polish. Excellent craftmanship!

String height 12th fret: 3,6 mm.

String height at bridge: from  11 to 10 mm.

Neck width at saddle: 52 mm.

Neck shape: "C"

Depth soundbox: from 96 to 100 mm.

Upper bout: 280 mm.

Waist: 241 mm.

Lower bout: 369 mm.

Total weightl: 1.410 gramos

Black ABS case included



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