Antonio De Toledo 1A Cypress Expand

Antonio De Toledo 1A Cypress



If what you're looking for is the thrilling sound and extreme comodity of a quality Spanish guitar from the years '30 to '60, then here you've got it. Just like the rosewood version this guitar's "plantilla" is copied from a Domingo Esteso guitar from 1934 and its strutting system is based on the best of Santos Hernández guitars. Result: this amazing guitar, you start playing and you just can't stop. This very light instrument delivers volume with great ease, string action is very low and its neck shape is very comfortable. The dynamic response of this guitar is very quick, and you can make it sound as sweet as you want, or as flamenco as you need in any register. Its precious soundboard is made of uniform high quality German spruce, sides and back are high quality Spanish cypress, the neck is Honduras ceder, and its fretboard is ebony. This flamenco guitar can be used as a classical guitar as well (raising the strings a little bit) due to its great flexibility of sound.

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String heigth at fret 12: 2,6 mm.

String heigth at bridge: 8,6 mm.

String length: 650mm.

Neck width at saddle: 52 mm.

Neck shape: "C"

Upper bout: 278 mm., waiste 240 mm., lower bout 369mm.

Depth soundbox: from 84 to 91 mm..

Total weigth: 1.006 grams

Black ABS guitar case included

Finish: French polish



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